What IS Included With Your Account
  • ONE low monthly price, NOTHING else to buy (Domains are extra though)
  • Fully RESPONSIVE your site will be viewable in any device.
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Statistics and tracking
  • Ecommerse tools, Build  and
    manage your store with easy
  • One click back-ups
  • Stock graphics and backgrounds
  • Help every step of the way. Videos are just a click away and a live N American based agent is just an email of phone call away.
  • Forums, galleries, shopping carts, newsletters, maps, contact forms, live chat, and many more items to add to your site.
  • Many more features and benifits
What is NOT Included With Your Account
  • Hidden fees
  • Contracts, pay monthly or yearly
  • Advertisments on your site
  • Unusually restrictive limits
  • Domain name ,you can use domain you own, or you can buy one from us at a price you will find competitive.

Welcome to Kre8.Online, A Nexxterra.com Company

For years we have brought you top quality web hosting and for years, we have always been looking for ways to make our customers lives easier. You need a website but you do not want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to have someone build you a site. You know with a little effort and the right tools you can probably build something that will get the attention you desire. Now you can, With the Nexxterra Kopage Website Builder, you are a few mouse clicks away from having a great website.
The drag and drop nature of the builder is what makes it so awesome. Click, drag, drop, edit, type... all very simple steps, and if you get stuck, there are always help files and videos just a click away on the right side of your window
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What is a domain and why do I need one?

A domain is your websites unique name on the internet, it is how people will find you. You can use a domain name you bought from another provider or you can buy one from us.

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